Zukas Healthy
Carpets & Cleaning

Have your carpets Dry Cleaned by Zukas Healthy Carpets & Cleaning. No More waiting hours for your carpets to dry!

Make House Cleaning easy with ZHCC!

Zukas Healthy Carpets & Cleaning is a full-service cleaning company specializing in carpet and upholstery cleaning. With 2 Locations in Warrens and Reedsburg, WI ZHCC serves several counties in Wisconsin’s midwest. From residential to commercial Zukas Healthy Carpets & Cleaning has your cleaning needs covered!

What We Do

ZHCC has risen above competitors with wet cleaning systems because there is no moisture left behind after cleaning. Carpets can be used and enjoyed immediately. Our machines remove the toughest stains, improve indoor air quality and are environmentally safe for your family and pets! No wonder ZHCC is the best!

ZHCC has your carpet covered!

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