Healthy Carpet = Healthy People


Zukas Healthy Carpet Cleaning uses only the best products. All products and solutions are non-toxic. Carpet and upholstery can be used immediately without fear of inhaling or touching toxic chemicals. Many wet cleaners blast carpets with harmful chemicals that destroy stains but put your family, pets, and even house plants at risk. Host products are non-toxic and even have a light, refreshing scent that pleases customers time and time again. No strong odor, no worry for your home.

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner meets Green Seal’s environmental standard for industrial cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. Using our cleaning system saves approximately 75 gallons of water for every 30-pound bucket of our product. Also, since drying out your carpet is not necessary (because we do not use water), we don’t ask you to turn on the heat or air conditioner to dry out the carpet. It’s already dry.

Environmentally Safe

All products used by Zukas Healthy Carpet Cleaning are environmentally safe. Excess product can be deposited directly to the ground and immediately begins to decompose just like plant matter. Host sponges are made of a special design to absorb dirt. Once the dirt is absorbed and the sponges are later deposited into the ground, these sponges break apart and rejoin the earth. These products produce no air pollution and do not disrupt water table quality. The unique design of HOST products makes this system truly GREEN.

ZHCC has your carpet covered!

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